Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Munich and Mountains

Scenes from Munich, Germany and the Konigssee lake in Bavaria.

Morning birds in Munich, Germany.

Our neighborhood in Munich, Germany.

Garden breakfast before our departure.

Window scene in Munich, Germany.

Staying out of the rain at the bus stop in Konigssee.

Locals in Konigssee.

Leah Beane on the Konigssee lake facing the Alps.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Denmark -> Germany

I am spending two weeks traveling through Germany with University of Missouri students to Hannover, Hamburg and Munich as part of the first photojournalism study abroad short course. It is the perfect transition to reconnect with Mizzou and while continuing to explore Europe. First, we attended theLumix Festival for young photojournalism and then Hamburg to tour publications and finally to Munich for a photo story workshop.  

Jen Tse and Barbara Beltramello at the Lumix festival

The Germany Mizzou crew (minus Naveen).

Leaving the hotel in Hannover, Germany.

Two young girls ride the subway together in Hannover, Germany.

Leah Beane walks through an exhibition at the Lumix Festival in Hannover, Germany.