Thursday, March 10, 2011

Advanced Techniques: Single Flash

For my single flash assignment I chose to shoot Busker's last stand using bounce technique. The event was very high energy with a lot of interaction. 

Jake Greenlaw of the Touchcats drums along with other True False Film Fest musicians at Busker's Last Stand Sunday night in the Missouri Theatre. The jam style musical event wrapped up the weekend long film festival.

 I bounced off the ceiling at a 45 degree angle onto the circle of musicians playing. I should have taken into account the warmer tones in the room and the photo is underexposed. There were several other photographers shooting so I chose a lower shot to minimize background distractions. I shot at f/4 1/125 and 100 ISO.

Below is my lighting diagram:

Direct flash was another story. My flash only fired once at the Mojo's show I shot Wed. night. As a result I only have one direct flash photo as seen below. 

Danny Seim of Menomena plays keyboard Wed. March 9 at Mojo's. 

Here is a direct flash outtake from the week:

Nadine Oelschlager sits in her favorite chair March 2.

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