Sunday, October 2, 2011

Missouri Photo Workshop

The Missouri Photo Workshop in Clinton, Mo. was an incredible learning experience. I worked on the crew in the vortex (see video below). Although I was not shooting I was able to see how much planning, re-planning, commitment and soul it takes to tell a story. The last day the stories came alive when the community was invited to view all of the work in a print gallery. 

MPW.63: Into the Vortex from Missouri Photo Workshop on Vimeo.

Claudia Wheeler-Rappe waits to be edited by faculty at the 63rd Missouri Photo Workshop in Clinton, Mo.

MPW crew and faculty work at the Benson Community Center in Clinton, Mo.

A portrait of MPW crew members Tatiana Fernandez, Nick Schnelle and Han Cheung at Benjamin Franklin Bistro.

Katie Currid stands with her bike on the Katy Trail in Clinton, Mo.

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