Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mid-Missouri snow mimics Minnesota

Columbia was hit by the biggest snowfall I have seen since attending the University of Missouri. About eight inches of powder blanketed the city in the past 24 hours. In Minnesota, eight inches is a minor inconvenience and residents tend to have stubborn pride about not letting the snow get the best of them. In reality, if Minnesotans shut down the city every time it snowed there would be a good two months of unemployed northerners. I cannot count the number of times today I heard the words "blizzard" or "snowpocalypse."However, Missouri is hit much harder by flurries because the city is less equipped to plow and shovel.

Some tips for Missourians:

1. Anticipate getting stuck. Keep an ice scraper and extra warm clothes in the car.
2. Snow boots not rain boots
3. Packed snow is better for snowmen than powdery snow
4. Flurries are the best excuse for hot chocolate

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