Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mizzou Women's Basketball vs. Kansas

Sophomore Sydney Crafton tries to grab the ball at the Mizzou vs. Kansas game Wednesday night in Mizzou Arena. 

Senior RaeShara Brown dives through a group of players at the Mizzou vs. Kansas game Wednesday night in Mizzou Arena. Brown was the high scorer of the game with 22 points made in the 66-52 win.


  1. Hey lady! You've got great expressions in this, but have you tried cropping in on just the upper bodies? I think a tighter crop would bring more attention to the faces and arms which I think are the most interesting parts of the photo.

  2. OH SNAPS.
    I'm with Taylor, crop em tight!
    great expressions :)

  3. I would crop the first one tight but leave the second one go. If you crop out 22's (Kansas) arm karate chopping 23 in the groin you lose some of that tension, plus those arms are nice and graphic. Bring it down a little on the top though.

  4. Thanks for the input guys. I added another photo on the top and the cropped version of RaeShara Brown is on the bottom.

  5. Constructive criticism is great. i'd go tighter too. Less is more. But the groin hand thing is interesting