Thursday, February 10, 2011


Timothy Archibald created a portrait series to examine and try to understand his son's autism. The light in the series was versatile. I found that mostly soft light was used to emphasize innocence and youth but it also integrated hard light to make some of the images more emotive. I think the subject and the photographer are revealed simultaneously in these portraits. Dimension and depth were created through this series by spending extensive time with the subject. The photographs are very intimate and feel natural. Some of the photos were staged and some were documentary style but each picture presented a representation of consciousness by the photographer. 

Photo by: Timothy Archibald
Photo by: Timothy Archibald

Photo by: Timothy Archibald

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  1. I really enjoyed a quick look through this series. The photos are very evocative. For me, personally, they come across representing the innocence of this child YMMV.