Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Search and Rescue in Joplin Mo. after Tornado

I continued coverage in Joplin, Mo. at the Metro Emergency Transport system and alongside the local fire department. Rescues calls decreased from Monday but hundreds of people were still unaccounted for.

METS workers and out of town volunteers discuss their experiences since the tornado hit in Joplin. Paramedics and EMTS came from hundreds of miles away to provide support medically and emotionally.

A fire station is damaged by the EF5 tornado that hit Joplin, Mo Sunday evening. The tornado has claimed 124 lives in a six-mile path that destroyed the local hospital and majority of Main Street.

METS workers see St. John's Hospital for the first time up close on Tuesday, May 24. 

A man finds a diploma in a pile of rubble in Joplin, Mo.

A teddy bear hangs on a yield sign outside a home that was hit by an EF5 tornado Sunday evening in Joplin, Mo.

A walker hangs out the window of a patient room at St. John’s Regional Medical Center. Five patients died in the tornado that left the hospital severely damaged. 

Search and rescue workers sweep a field after responding to a call of a missing person.

The Kansas Task Force Rescue meets in the fire station to assist in Joplin, Mo.

METS workers find it difficult to locate tornado victims because the city is virtually unrecognizable.

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